Blue Ribbon Pearl (Pearl)

2008 Blue roan mare

AQHA #5092121

By Funny B Rojo Blue (Rojo Berry X Silver Ribbon Flash), out of TP Gooseberry Red (Blue Crusader X Red Spooky Jet). 15.62% Blue Valentine lines on top and bottom through both Gooseberry and Rowdy Blue Man.

Jamies Peptolena (Jamie)

2014 Red roan mare


By Jasons Peptolena (by Peptoboonsmal) out of Funny B BlueberryDoll (by Leo Hancock Hayes)
26.56% Blue Valentine
9.38% Doc Bar
ee aa nRn & 5 Panel Negative

One Gray Freckle (Greta)

2010 Gray mare

AQHA #5346796

Azuls Tippy Chick (Tippy Chick)

2001 Blue roan mare (Homozygous Black and Homozygous Roan)

AQHA #4029953

By Azul Caballo Amigo (Blue Laven X Plenty Blue), out of Miss Blue Can Do (Boston Can Do X MS Driftwood Blue). 12.5% Blue Valentine blood on the top of her pedigree and Driftwood blood on the bottom.

Nita Lil Pepto (Nita)

2013 Red roan mare

AQHA # 5541384

Out of Nita Rojo Hayes (Leo Hancock Hayes X Falconita Rojo). A Peptoboonsmaldaughter crossed with 18.75% Blue Valentine lines on the bottom (Leo Hancock Hayes and Rowdy Blue Man).

Pepto Blue Belle DR (Blue)

2009 Blue roan mare

AQHA #5216811

Granddaughter of Peptoboonsmal. By NQH Mossy Boon (Peptoboonsmal X Smart Janie JR), out of Smart Blue Belle DR (Blue Spark Olena X Spear J Bar Belle). In addition to Peptoboonsmal and Smart Little Lena on the top, she has Shining Spark  and Smart Little Lena on the bottom!

Badabing Badaboon (Bing)

2005 Red roan mare

AQHA #4751936

Daughter of Peptoboonsmal, out of Smart Little Nancy (Smart Little Lena X Miss Royale Dry). Her progeny have won $105,231 in the cutting pen. Most notably: A Cat Named Slash and Mamas Royal Smoothie.

Miss Frosty Sureshot

2001 Gray mare

AQHA #4177658

Daughter of Playgun (Freckles Playboy X Miss Silver Pistol), out of Jacqueline Frost (Doc’s Jack Frost X 89er’s Lady). Cutting royalty on top and bottom with Playgun, Freckles Playboy, and Docs Jack Frost.

Blind Dejavu (Deja)

2016 Red roan mare (Homozygous Roan)
AQHA #5748633

Daughter of Blind Sided, out of Dejavu N Blue (Smooth As A Cat X Autumn Boon). 
Cutting horse royalty in her pedigree including Peptoboonsmal, Shining Spark, High Brow Cat, and Royal Blue Boon.

Blue Plenty Foxy (Foxy)

2012 Blue roan mare

AQHA #5471284

By Blue Fox Hancock (Leo Hancock Hayes X Fox Coup), out of Plenty Carole Smith (Plenty Try X Carole Smith). 28.12% Blue Valentine lines on top and bottom through both Leo Hancock Hayes and Gooseberry.

Red Karma (Karma)

2018 Red roan mare

AQHA #5998416

Rachels First Pepto (Rachel)

2008 Red roan mare

AQHA #5113887

Daughter of Peptoboonsmal, out of Miss Dual Bar (Colonel Jay Bar X Miss Dual Doc)​​.

Valentine Boon (VB)

2017 Blue roan mare

AQHA #5854818

That Fine Line (Avalon)

2017 Gray mare

AQHA #5832540

That Fine Line is a gorgeous mare by the great Playgun, and out of a Smart Little Lena mare, Lenas Peppy Pearl. Her black line pedigree also includes Peppy San Badger on the bottom. This mare was started to ride, but had a pasture injury that put her in the broodmare band. We are delighted to add her to ours.

Playing With Pepto (Playgirl)
2016 Sorrel mare

AQHA #5786679

Peptoboonsmal daughter with Shining Spark and Freckles Playboy on the bottom.

Royal Cuervo Gold (Skye)

2015 Gray mare

AQHA #5383644

Miss Royal WT (Bryher)

Gray mare

AQHA #5683645

Sweets Blue Cat DR (Indigo)

2016 Blue roan mare
AQHA #5770672
She is a blue roan granddaughter of
High Brow Cat with both Smart Little Lena and Shining Spark in her pedigree

Our Broodmares

Lacy Blue Ribbon (Lacy)

2012 Blue roan mare (Homozygous Black and Homozygous Roan)
AQHA #5541003

Daughter of Leo Hancock Hayes (Blue Valentine X Doll 01), out of Hancocks Blue Ribbon (Rowdy Blue Man X Silver Ribbon Flash); 46.87% Blue Valentine.

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