HASHTAGS is an NCHA Hall of Fame blue roan stallion with Lifetime Earnings (LTE) of over $485,000. He is an NCHA Open World Champion and an NCHA Open Super Stakes Champion.

STARLIGHTS ATHENA (Athena) is a homozygous roan and homozygous black mare with Blue Valentine lines. This mare has produced foals with wonderful temperaments and gorgeous color. She adds bone and endurance to this cross.

The resulting foal will be blue roan and will either be homozygous roan or homozygous black (since Hashtags’ roan gene travels with his red factor). Because the mare is both HZ black and HZ roan, we have to color test to see which gene Hashtags contributed - his black gene or his roan gene.

We love this cross of Performance and Blue Valentine lines. It gives us a foal with the best of both worlds.

This foal is eligible for BVSS Super Stallion Incentive, Breeders Invitational, NCHA Super Stakes, PCCHA, and NRCHA Stallion Stakes, the Riata Buckle, Royal Crown Roping and Gold Buckle Futurities.

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Foal #11: Blue Roan Colt

FOALED:June 6, 2024
COLOR:Blue Roan
OWNER:Diamond X Quarter Horses